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Change logging level using CLI command in JBoss EAP 6 / jBoss Portal 6.1

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Sachin Handiekar
·Aug 12, 2015·

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We can change the logging level of a package in jBoss EAP 6 or jBoss Portal 6.1 without restarting the server using the CLI command. Go to $JBOSS_HOME/bin

Run the following command -

 ./ --connect controller=localhost:9999

Note : If you're using a port offset, the management console port can be calculated as,

port = managementNativeSocket (9999) + port offSet Standalone Mode After connecting to the server, we can execute the following operations -

3.1. Print out all the logger packages available.

 ls /subsystem=logging/logger

3.2 Print out the details of a package, e.x. logging level, etc


3.3 Change log level


3.4 Add a log level

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